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The strong symbiosis for the Green Fashion business!

Working in cooperation with Fashion Cloud, Europe’s leading B2B platform for the fashion industry, we would like to use the benefits of digitalisation to improve and simplify collaboration between brands and retailers in the fields of pre/post orders and information exchange, all with a view to enhancing efficiencies. Using just one centralised platform, brands across all events can now stay in touch and do business with their customers all year round.

We are offering exhibitors at INNATEX and XOOM Berlin Premium Membership to Fashion Cloud through INNATEX Online at a reduced price. A Premium Account gives members full access to a diversity of Fashion Cloud services that create touch points with retailers. This means that retailers can download current, high-quality content, such as your images and product information free of charge, ensuring a close and uncomplicated exchange of information.

By entering into this partnership, we are creating a digital complement to our established INNATEX formats, whilst linking the benefits of both segments to create a strategic and holistic range of services.

Benefits for exhibitors

Quick, simple and accessible from anywhere

Quick, simple and accessible from anywhere

With just one digital platform, you can connect and exchange information with your retailers quickly, easily and from anywhere. The Premium Membership includes two Fashion Cloud solutions: the Content section for sharing marketing materials and product information, and the OrderWriter app for simplifying orders.

Full control over your brand appearance

Full control over your brand appearance

INNATEX Online and Fashion Cloud enables you to distribute your content effectively and efficiently because you have complete control over your brand presence through your access rights. In addition, you are supplied with regular reports about the usage of your digital content, which can serve as a basis for strategic decision-making.

Benefits for retailers and buyers

Free content

Free content

In collaboration with Fashion Cloud, participating INNATEX brands will provide you with free and unlimited marketing materials and product information.
In this way, you can access the content of your brands with just a few clicks. As an additional service, you can also find the INNATEX brands in OrderWriter, the buyer’s app for orders.

Strengthening customer relationships

Strengthening customer relationships

With Clara, the seller’s app, you can quickly and conveniently reorder missing or requested items at the POS. This increases the quality of your service and strengthens customer relationships. From autumn 2019, cross-supplier orders will also be possible via the web platform.

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