Admission criterias

Each exhibitor who has cotton and/or organic wool in the offered product range, will need to comply with INNATEX’ minimum requirements: In the total collection 50% of cotton must come from controlled biological cultivation; if (sheep)wool is in the product range, a minimum of 10% must originate from controlled biological animal husbandry. In the total collection 50% of the leather product range has to consist of 50% vegetable tanned leather.

Should you currently not be in a position to meet these requirements, you still have the option of filling in the “application for special authorisation” on the Admissions Form. In this instance, we require a statement in writing to be enclosed with your application, clearly detailing the reasons why you are unable to meet these requirements at the present time together with a prediction as to when you think you will be able to use the stipulated amounts of controlled and certified organic fibres (kbA/kbT) in compliance the criteria. Please also specify in your declaration your commitment to environmentally friendly and/or socially acceptable textile production, providing us with any certification you may have.

INNATEX will carefully consider each Application for Special Authorisation and decide within a short period whether your company may exhibit at the fair. Please understand that we are required to ask for corresponding proof for reasons of transparency and fairness towards our other exhibitors.

If we wish to maintain our credibility as a sustainable event, it is essential that our exhibitors can guarantee our buyers that the manufacturing
processes used are traceable and transparent.

Many thanks for your cooperation!


Overview of the fibre requirements for individual items and for the product range as a whole

Product-/ Fibre Group Individual item Product range
Cotton wool fibres No limitations At least 50% from controlled and certified organic cultivation based on the cotton range
Sheep’s wool fibres No limitations At least 10% from animal husbandry based on the sheep’s wool range
Other natural fibres (e.g. silk, linen, hemp, alpaca) No limitations No limitations
Regenerative fibres, Recyceled synthetic fibres (e.g. viscose, modal, lyocell made from bamboo, cotton or wood), Synthetic fibres (e.g. polyester, polyamide, polyurethane) No limitations (but cannot be declared as a natural textile if the regenerative fibre/recyceled synthetic fibre content exceeds 30%) Together, a maximum of 30% of the textile range on display
Leather No limitations At least 50% from vegetable tanned leather


05-07 September 2020

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