Our support programme for newcomers and labels exhibiting for the first time at INNATEX had to be suspended for two years due to the pandemic. And oh how we missed the blend of fresh design and hot passion for a better fashion world our DesignDiscoveries bring:


Vegan, ultralight cactus sneakers

These vegan shoes weigh roughly 230 g to 250 g and are breathable and super comfortable, says Vegtus. The leather substitute for the collection of sneakers and sandals is provided by a cactus called nopal, which consumes very little water. Additional ingredients include cork, recycled materials, cotton and natural dyes. As for the design, Vegtus has kept it restrained and casual: the sneakers are mostly white and have relatively thick soles, while the sandals feature a few summer colours. Vegtus was formed shortly before the coronavirus lockdown in Spain and the goods are still produced in its home country.

Location at INNATEX 50: OG 202


Fresh, cheerful and devoted to sustainability

A pair of friends got together to create PeTA-certified vegan rucksacks, hip bags and caps in minimalistic designs. The materials used include recycled PET bottles and denim, along with a PFC-free coating to repel water. The Hamburg-based label Freibeutler has a very clear focus on functionality: cyclists riding through rain-soaked traffic are glad of the reflective elements and the MOLLE system that allows a cycle light or shackle lock to be attached. For keen travellers, on the other hand, there is another model that attaches to a wheeled suitcase. And those are just a few of the practical functions of Freibeutler bags.

Location at INNATEX 50: OG 204

Lounge Cherie

Not for the bin: cradle-to-cradle yoga fashion from Lounge Cherie

Lounge Cherie produces fashion for those most wonderful of activities: yoga, sleeping and chilling. And not just for women, either – for men, too, since they also practise yoga (not to mention sleeping and chilling). The super-comfortable yoga fashion, loungewear and nightwear is made mostly of Tencel Modal fibre from Austria, the home country of the two-year-old label. The collections were created in Croatia. Because Lounge Cherie expressly seeks to use natural materials, the label has lately started to supply cradle-to-cradle certified products that are biodegradable. Their design focuses on pastels and earthy tones, sometimes with prints or refinements such as cutouts or a wrap-around effect. Lounge Cherie shows that a considered, slow lifestyle is not only beautiful but is also part and parcel of respect for the environment.

Location at INNATEX 50: OG 203


Only nature can be so casual and elegant at the same time

These jump suits – we want them all. And we’ll also take the wonderful muslin-fabric trousers and the pullover and the travel bag … these fantastic components from Nordlicht are all made of 100% organic cotton. In some options, the cotton is undyed and is presented in its natural warm white tones. And where dyes are used, the colours are muted and earthy rather than brash. Alongside organic cotton, Maritta and Nico also use other entirely natural materials for their label, such as water-resistant kraft paper, sailcloth and chrome-free tanned leather. Nordlicht supplies timeless casual outerwear for women, as well as bags of all kinds for women and men. The seriousness with which Nordlicht takes sustainability is evidenced by the three certificates, the presentation of the production sites and the disclosure of costings and the sustainability report on its website.

Location at INNATEX 50: OG 205

Nature is Future

Hand to Foot: Nature is Future by Mephisto

Nature is Future is presenting its handmade sneakers in Germany for the first time at INNATEX. The label has been supplying breathable soft footwear since 2021, with a sole that is incredibly comfortable to run in. Nature is Future uses primarily recycled materials in its creations, but in such a way that the components of the sneakers are themselves again recyclable. The entire supply chain is restricted to Europe and Mephisto produces in both France and Portugal. For transportation, Nature is Future uses CO2-free vehicles, whilst other greenhouse gas emissions are offset by supporting projects in India and Brazil. The sneakers are designed to be extra long-lasting but to ensure that they can be worn for even longer, Nature is Future also offers a resoling service. Both the women’s and the men’s collections are available in a range of colours.

Location at INNATEX 50: OG 206