X51 Winter 2023


Our support programme for newcomers &
labels exhibiting at INNATEX for the first time!


The mix of fresh design breezes and a hot passion for a better fashion world – from a variety of applications, we have selected exciting newcomers who will exhibit their collections in the newly designed DesignDiscovery area with Community Lounge on the upper floor.

Here we present them one by one:


Comfortable, creative, timeless: Wayz sneakers 

Wayz demonstrates its versatility in the way its uses materials. The young brand of sneakers works with materials such as recycled cotton, polyester recycled from ocean plastic, and rubber from waste and old shoes. The inner soles are made from a mix of wood, latex, linen and other substances, beneath a layer of vegetable-tanned leather. The label works with White Stamp, a programme in which users exchange worn-out parts for credits that can be used against purchases from partnered brands. Wayz has been producing high quality, comfortable running gear in various styles and muted colours at its site in Portugal since 2019.

Alexandra Svendsen

Colourful, classic, certified. And nominated

The quality of premium products is immediately evident here: not for nothing were Alexandra Svendsen and her handbags, purses, handbag mirrors and other leather accessories nominated for the German Brand Award 2022. Their quality is further demonstrated by strict certification such as IVN Naturleder, among others. On many of the handbags, the handles can be swapped around to give them an extra touch of sportiness or glamour. Svendsen herself comes from Frankfurt, produces her goods at a factory in Germany and sources 90% of her materials from Germany.

Lotta Ludwigson

Empowerment in colour

 With a cool look for those carving out a career: Lotta Ludwigson fits women out in blazers and pleated trousers in various different colours, from pale beige and sage green to light blue and mixed colours. The two women who founded the young Berlin-based label work on the cradle-to-cradle principle and offer a return-and-resale programme. A carefully selected women’s sewing workshop in Poland produces the clothing from natural materials grown in Germany and Austria. The women at Lotta Ludwigson have a commitment to female empowerment, one result of which is that part of the proceeds of every sale goes to initiatives supporting equal rights for women. ­


Cool idea for warm feet

High heeled footwear made of wool felt? Yep, that works – as LEV’01 shows. As well as ankle boots and knee-high boots with high heels, the Utrecht-based label also creates sandals, sneakers and even walking shoes for men and women. The wool is from Finland, while the vegetable-tanned leather heels and soles are made in Portugal. Other natural materials used include hemp and cork. LEV’01 focuses on durability, comfort and weatherproof performance. The boots offer protection even from snow! A colour palette ranging from dark brown to a cream mix and a blue and purple shade is available.

Christiane Strobel

Minimalism from Marrakesh

The fact that Christiane Strobel has been designing fashion for 25 years is evident in her own recent collections. The label of the same name, which she set up in April 2021, combines a minimalist concept with subtle twists such as quilting seams, vents and discreet hand embroidery, stand-up collars, balloon sleeves, asymmetries – pieces, that is, that are carefully thought through from top to bottom and that make a strong impression without being showy. The certified natural textiles, too – including chambray, twill, terrycloth and poplin in muted colours – are visibly of high quality. Christiane Strobel’s production takes place in a small factory in Marrakesh where some of the staff embroidering the materials are women with physical disabilities. For all that, the prices are remarkably accessible.


Goddess Pose Galore

What we like best from Wellicious are their Best Yoga Pants in Diamond White. The white fabric of these elegant yoga pants is designed in such a way as to fit super-comfortably, allow a full range of movement and yet not be opaque. And all this with an 87% organic cotton content. The high waistband is gathered in four places and can be folded down. The yoga-wear label has been working for six years on the development of materials for the collections, which are certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and have been awarded the Gold Standard overall. In the ‘material health’ category, Wellicious has the highest award, Platinum. Wellicious is celebrating its relaunch with its tanktops and pants, which are made in Europe. And now we are celebrating Wellicious at INNATEX.

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