So far, GOT BAG has retrieved 88.5 tonnes of waste from the ocean, using recycled plastic for its minimalistic bags and rucksacks. The label’s commitment to the environment starts during the waste collection process: GOT BAG has created a network of 1,500 fishermen in Indonesia, who work on two fronts: As they fish, they also separate and clean the plastic waste that gets caught up in their fishing nets. Every rucksack contains up to 4 kg plastic waste. A specially developed coating made from biodegradable materials ensures that the robust GOT BAG accessories repel water.

Founders Benjamin Mandos and Martin Keiffenheim from Mainz want to educate the population of Indonesia, where waste volumes are high, about the benefits of good recycling. In addition, the label works in close collaboration with a producer in China. Team member and “China Officer” Peiyu checks that the working conditions on site are responsible and fair.

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