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For the first time INNATEX presents the Community Area, where experts come together in a concentrated area. A comfortable lounge invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair, relax and network. In addition to open dialog, the area offers short lounge talks and the Ask Me Anything sessions. The knowledge partners at the area are the environmental standard GOTS, the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry IVN and the Fairtrade organization from Germany, as well as the Association of German Fashion and Textile Designers (VDMD) and the women’s rights organization Femnet. In addition, Retraced is the only start-up to have a presence and Pureviu by Greenstyle offers exciting insights.


Ask Me Anything: With the Community Area dialog format, visitors have the opportunity to book exclusive sessions with individual experts and ask them anything they want to know.
Duration of one session: up to 10 minutes
Times: Friday to Sunday from 10:00 to 11:30 as well as 14:30 to 16:00

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Twice a day, the Lounge Talks offer short impulses on relevant topics combined with the opportunity for exchange in a small group. 

Duration of a Lounge-Talks: 10 to maximum 30 minutes
Times: Friday to Sunday at 11:30 and 14:00


In conversations with exciting game changers of the slow fashion scene, Mirjam Smend (PUREVIU Magazine by GREENSTYLE) highlights different approaches to the common goal: a better fashion industry.On friday Axel Kolonko (Retraced) will give insight into digital opportunities for transparency in the supply chain. On saturday, Mirjam will talk to Fairmodel founder Anna Voelske and Sabine Kaldonek from Femnet e.V. about the individual possibilities to contribute to positive change. On sunday, the PUREVIU talk will highlight the impact and responsibility of the media..


Experts provide impulses and look forward to the exchange together. On friday Juliane Ziegler (GOTS) will talk about promotional opportunities with the GOTS logo. On saturdayRosa Buchacher (Fairtrade) gives insights into 30 years of Fairtrade, the textile standard and visions for the future. am On sundayHeike Hess and Luisa Hans (IVN) talk about challenges, solutions and projects for sourcing certified organic raw fibres.


The IVN is the patron of INNATEX and has accompanied the fair for early years as a standard-setting institution. The industry association is responsible for the NATURTEXTIL IVN, IVN BEST and NATURLEDER Standards and is the co-owner of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). At Ask me anything, interested participants can ask questions about the benefits of certification, the requirements and opportunities, among other things.


Community Area attendance times: All days
Lounge Talk: Sunday, 2.00 p.m.
Topic: Procurement of certified organic raw fibres – challenges, solutions and projects
Speakers: Heike Hess, Luisa Hans (IVN office)

GOTS | Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS is the leading standard for the processing of certified natural fibres. Along the entire supply chain, independent accredited certifiers check compliance with environmental and social criteria at the respective location. At Ask me anything, interested participants can ask questions about the certification process, sales and communication strategies, among other things.



Community Area attendance times: All days
Lounge Talk: Friday, 2.00 p.m.
Topic: Possibilities of advertising with the GOTS logo
Speaker: Juliane Ziegler, GOTS Representative DACH Region

Fairtrade e.V.

Fairtrade is Germany’s leading development policy organisation for fair trade. The association provides concrete opportunities for trade and industry partners as well as consumers so that farming families and workers in the global South can live without exploitation and discrimination. At Ask me anything, interested participants can ask questions about Fairtrade criteria and measures, among other things.



Community Area: By appointment on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning.
Lounge Talk: Saturday, 2.00 pm
Topic: 30 years of Fairtrade, the textile standard and visions for the future
Representative on site: Rosa Buchacher

FemNet e.V.

Femnet campaigns for better living and working conditions in the global garment industry. The women’s rights organisation advises local authorities and companies on the path to fair procurement, carries out educational work and offers legal support. At Ask me anything, interested participants can ask questions about current challenges in production countries and credible standards, among other things.


Community Area attendance times: By appointment on Friday and Saturday
AMA Topics: Fair sourcing, standards and labels (Friday), stakeholder engagement and representation of rights holders, individual possibilities to contribute to positive change (Saturday)
Lounge Talk: Saturday 11:30
Representatives on site: Daniela Wawrzyniak, Coordinator International Projects (Friday), Sabine Kaldonek, Communications Manager (Saturday)

retraced | Platform for Traceability

Retraced helps fashion and textile companies to trace their supply chains and communicate transparently. Many brands only know the suppliers with whom they have direct contact, and what happens before is unknown. As a supply chain management platform, retraced supports two methods for tracing and data collection which are, Cascade Tracing (from the final product backwards to the beginning of the supply chain) and Fibre Forward Tracing (from resources to the final product). Also, companies can network and benefit from the synergies.

Community Area attendance times: Friday and Saturday morning
Lounge Talk: Friday 11:30
Topic: Digital opportunities for transparency in the supply chain
Representatives on site: Axel Kolonko



PUREVIU | Magazine

PUREVIU is a magazine about sustainable fashion,a people magazine and a city magazine all in one. The creators Mirjam Smend (Greenstyle Munich) and Heike Littger have committed themselves to contributing to a more sustainable and fair textile industry. For the first edition of the magazine, the authors took a look around their home city of Munich and invited ten fashion changers to have their say in in-depth readings.


Community Area attendance times: Friday to Sunday, not taking part in the Ask Me Anything sessions
Lounge Talk: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11:30
Topics: see timetable / section “Lounge Talks” above
Representatives on site: Mirjam Smend and Heike Littger




The VDMD represents freelancers and employees who work in the design fields of fashion, textiles and interiors. The association’s many projects include research and analysis of current and possible future trends, a weekly podcast, advice and mentoring. At Ask Me Anything, participants can ask practical questions such as: How do I find local producers? How do I get funding, contact clients or customers?


Community Area attendance times: Friday to Sunday
Topics: sLocal producers, funding opportunities, contact with clients & customers
Representatives on site: Mara Michel



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